VIDEO | PLOPEGG #THE BLUE MAURITIUS (Mauritius 2015) -censored version-

Milo Moiré’s tryst with the creation.

The conceptual artist drew inspiration from the paradisal gracefulness of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean for her latest work “The Blue Mauritius”. Milo Moiré collaged an insular ideal in tones of blue and green. Sighting the turbulent sea at the foot of the cliff in the wild south of Mauritius she gave birth to a portrait of an intimate contact with the absolutely sublime, the nature. The artist shows a primitiveness that calls not for saints and sinners, an egregious pure look at the creation of nature.

Milo Moiré’s performance is not only a tribute to the integrity but also an embodiment of intimacy and the “aesthetics of the unrepresentable.” The artist describes it as follows: “The core is, to take a closer look and to recognize the purity, it is like the pure white appearing light of the color spectrum which combines all the wavelengths in itself.”



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Video uncensored Plopegg The Blue Mauritius