A Key Message Of Inspiration

What is the heart of art? Investment, prestige object, sensual effusion, harmless pleasure, strategic store of knowledge of the playful type, kit of identity or emotional mouthpiece? Perhaps this anteroom of consciousness is an intimate place of mind training, a space linking life and death, dissolving in infinitely many.  

Art is a human need, applied in our genes, that opens a sanctuary where no tyranny can penetrate us. It is the labyrinth of the chest, the cave of the internal and that annoys the tyrant. And anyone who tries to bow Arts in constraints of a system will inevitably fail, is what logical, because the self-understanding of arts is to break utterly traditional rules. 

This personal message of a young woman touched me very much. It has shown me, what the heart of art is: It is the inspiration.  

“Dear Milo, I observed your performance a little while back, and then I watched it again on television. It was in the papers and online. I like art, so I thought your art was neat and interesting. No big deal, actually. Until a few weeks ago. I was in a bad situation – I was pregnant and I didn’t want to have a baby. Everyone was trying to lecture me that having an abortion is only a solution for people from a lower social class. And then I thought of you – I thought of how important it is to be a woman. To have the freedom to make my own decisions. It really helped me to make a self-confident decision as a woman, and to be happy without having to explain myself to anyone. Apologize if words sound a little bit weirdo, but that’s when I suddenly recognised – that this was the whole story behind your art – that this was what it meant to live in our own bodies and express our freedom with it. And without this critical situation, I would have probably never discovered that this is the truth”.

The individual preferences for art, which are varied and changeable, are not be confused with the importance of art for humanity. It reveals not only our genetic relationship, but also our desire to make our lives worth living.

(Photo: © Peter Palm; limited prints available at unlimitedMuse.com)