“I make art that takes place in the midst of life, because what is important to me is life itself, the unpredictable, the reflection upon established normative notions, the freedom to reveal one’s opinion within a crowd, the intimate moment of the physical and bodily encounter and —finally — the transformation brought about by an art freed of morals. 

There are no institutional walls that could validate or protect me or my art. Every time, shortly before each performance, I sense a feeling of fear flare up, however, my optimism and my belief in my freedom, a natural human right, prevail in the moment I expose myself. The inward importance of my own nudity is of far greater force than the importance of the visible nudity in itself.

I believe in the moment of physical contact during the encounter between the  I and the Thou (You and the Me), and I would like to embody an enlightened worldview in which a discourse without threats and aggression is possible: shapeable, free of dogmas and with the potential for understanding. Intimidation and violence inhibit human development and demonstrate the impotence of their practitioners in their own limitations. 

The attack of the terrorists in France makes me angry and sad; my weapons are my courage, my creativity and my knowledge. Like life, nudity also has many different aspects. Live out our values of self-determination with self-assurance. Freedom is the greatest good of the civilized world.”

 In freedom and solidarity,

Milo Moiré

Photo ©Milo Moiré: “Naked-Selfie” Performance, Trocadero Paris, 5th of July 2015.