Milo Moiré’s tryst with the creation

The performative painting Plopegg The Blue Mauritius was inspired by the idyllic loveliness of the island of Mauritius. It is the image of an intimate contact with the absolute sublime: nature.
Milo Moire’s approach to making the work was nostalgic and captures humanity’s yearning for a untamed nature.  Using hundreds of travel brochures featuring the dream destination of the Indian Ocean, she collaged them into an island-like abstract work made up of blue and green tones. This involved the conceptual artist’s tearing pictures of vacation destinations out of travel catalogs in a way that used to be standard before the onset of digitization. In order to achieve organic forms, these images were then torn by hand into pieces of paper in various sizes. Afterwards, Moiré meticulously pieced the individual colored scraps together to produce gradual transitions, on the one hand, and to express the wild character of southern Mauritius, on the other. 
In keeping with her usual practice from her “Plopeggs,” Milo Moiré used natural eggs to hold the paint. They were filled with paint pigments corresponding to the collage. Finally, the artist positioned herself on the canvas as she stood on a cliff providing an expansive view of the sea from the island’s windy southern coast. She gradually pressed the paint-filled eggs out of her vagina, moaning loudly in the process.


The artist shows a primitiveness that calls not for saints and sinners, an egregious pure look at the creation of nature.
Milo Moiré’s performance Plopegg The Blue Mauritius is not only a tribute to the integrity but also an embodiment of intimacy and the “aesthetics of the unrepresentable.” The artist describes it as follows: “The core is, to take a closer look and to recognize the purity, it is like the pure white appearing light of the color spectrum which combines all the wavelengths in itself.”

Plopegg The Blue Mauritius