LIVE PERFORMANCE 17th of june 2015 at 1 p.m at BARFÜSSERPLATZ Basel

In celebration of  the Artfair ART BASEL Milo Moiré introduces her new performance-series “NAKED SELFIES” in public space. The artist takes Selfies with passersby, contrary to the others Milo Moiré will be naked

 Milo Moiré takes up the current Selfie-Mania and reinterprets it. The performance “Naked Selfies” caricatures the current pop-cultural mass phenomenon of self-exposure. The artist embody through her performance the voluntary baring of individuals in social media. We all reveal ourselves constantly on Facebook and Instagram, says Moiré, showing where we are, with whom, what we’re doing…in fact, exhibiting all kinds of sensitive personal data in this digital world. 

The artist calls for posing together and confronts the selfie-willing people with the intimacy of her naked body. “Through the immediate high level of intimacy, the subject behaves differently than when taking a regular selfie, “because of my obvious presence, a new meta level of self-staging emerges”, Milo Moirés says. 

In the coming months she will perform in different places  her performance “Naked Selfies”. Make way for the Real Life staging by use of analog self-exposure! 

 ©Foto: Peter Palm