Cult naked star met clut fashion icon

Milo Moiré met Jean Paul Gaultier on the Channel4 (UK) show “Eurotrash“ (June 17th 2016) – “An encounter of the most intimate kind

 Milo Moiré & Jean Paul Gaultier on Studioscreen "Eurotrash" Show Channel 4 UKBrexit-Eurotrash-Special

 When a one of a kind meets a one of a kind, it is sure to become something special. Channel 4’s cult show “Eurotrash”, which became a cultural necessity in England and around the world from 1993 to 2007, returned for just one episode. And it featured the original presenters Antoine de Caunes and fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier. Both of them have decided to bring what was once Britain’s most successful late-night show back to the screen just one time for an important reason. The show is meant to help keep the UK from leaving the EU. Viewers can thus hope for a very special episode of “Eurotrash”.

Milo Moiré as the highlight of the show

Following her performance on the platform in front of the Cologne Cathedral, where Milo carried out a naked protest against the sex mob and for freedom and women’s rights, she has returned to the international limelight. Media from all around the world reported on Milo; fans from countries everywhere celebrated her courage and her art. The makers of “Eurotrash” became new Milo Moiré fans, and they asked her if she might like to provide the grand finale of the “Eurotrash” revival. Channel 4 has thus reacted with more courage than all of Germany’s media. They have honoured Milo’s active dedication and demonstrated their respect for the artist Milo Moiré in their own way. 

Milo has arrived in the international world of entertainment: she combines nudity with art
Milo Moiré with Jean Paul Gaultier & Antoine de Caunes on show "Eurotrash" channel 4 UK (2016)

“I am unbelievably pleased about the request from Channel 4. And if any two artists make a good match, then it is Jean Paul Gaultier and I. I am happy to say that with humility, but also based on conviction and with an unbelievable joy”, said Milo, who has conceived a particularly special performance for the show. 
“My performance is an expanded ‘re-enactment’ of the Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT’s (b.1940 in Linz) well-known action “Tap and Touch Cinema” (1968–1971). At the same time, it is a homage to this extraordinary artist. During this performance on public squares in Munich, EXPORT wore a cardboard box with two openings over her bare breasts. Her partner Peter Weibel touted the event through a megaphone and invited curious bystanders to come over. These had 12 seconds to reach both of their hands through the openings and touch the artist’s bare breasts. In my performance the further dimension of reflection is added through the mirrored surface of the so-called ‘Mirror-Box’.”

When four minutes reveal art and individual …Milo Moiré with Jean Paul Gaultier & Antoine de Caunes on show "Eurotrash" channel 4 UK ( June 17th 2016) .

Milo has set out on a completely new path: a courageous path and nonetheless also a path typical for Milo – a mixture of art, playful irony, impudence, style and positive confusion. 
“We shot my ‘Mirror-Box’ performance in Düsseldorf, together with the production company of ‘Eurotrash’. This performance was presented on the show along with a portrait piece on Milo Moiré as an artist. I also be appeared on the show. Things got extremely intimate between me, Jean Paul and Antoine while shooting in the London studio. As in my performance, the presenters wore a touch box around their hips. As an act of sexual equality, I was permitted to reach my hands into the boxes and gallantly touch Antoine’s and Jean Paul’s crown jewels. They both have truly big ‘eggs’, as we say in German, and I know all about ‘eggs’!”, explained Milo with a wink. “As a highlight, I could be seen for a total of around four minutes near the end of the show.”
Photo credits: Peter Palm