The presentation of the calendar “THE TWELVE MUSES” was on 10/26/15 in Berlin together with a shooting for the last calendar motif “THE NARCISSIST”, an allusion to “sex-yourself”. Star photographer PETER PALM photographed artist MILO MOIRÉ at Insomnia Club in Berlin. On the set were along with Milo, a bodybuilder and a female model. Enjoy the making of!

The by MILO MOIRÉ personally signed calendar in a format 50×50 cm / 20 x 20 inches with 12-month motifs is limited to 1000 exclusive pieces worldwide can be ordered: Price €49,90 (plus shipping cost).  1 cover, 12-motifs, 1 back cover, silver spiral binding with hanger.



Muse Nr. 7 “DIE NARZISSTIN” des Kalenders “THE TWELVE MUSES” (©PeterPalm)

Mask for the shooting "THE NARCISSIST"

Masken für das Shooting “DIE NARZISSTIN”