The Independent Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré ‘gives birth to painting’ using her vagina 
Milo Moiré’s unique ‘PlopEgg’ makes Lady Gaga’s vomit artist look tame

Not long ago there was Lady Gaga’s “vomit artist”, but now Milo Moiré is making her look tame.

The Swiss performance artist has been “giving birth” to abstract paintings at Germany’s Art Cologne fair by pushing eggs filled with ink and acrylics out of her vagina.

Say hello to “PlopEgg Painting”, the latest desperate effort to shock in the name of art.

To make this “unique” piece, Moiré has been standing stark naked above a white paper canvas before allowing the eggs to break and splatter into oh-so-contemporary, colourful designs.

To close her performance, Moiré folds the canvas to produce a symmetrical image resembling a womb (see below).

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-30 um 23.19.09

Moiré says that her work embodies the “casual and creative power” of womanhood, with the muddied, earthy hues alluding to human birth.

“To create art, I use the original source of femininity – my vagina,” she writes under a YouTube video.

Moiré is by no means the first to use her private parts to create art. Casey Jenkins famously knitted using wool inserted into her vagina for her controversial pierce “Casting Off My Womb”.

via Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré ‘gives birth to painting’ using her vagina – News – Art – The Independent.
– (April 22th 2014)