The return to our origins

Fluid Ecstasy is an artistic underwater video work by Peter Palm, which he realized on the island of Mauritius with the conceptual artist Milo Moiré. Filled with a naive sexuality, this five-minutes short film reveals surreal, grace-filled perspectives on the female nude. Encased by the transparency of the water, Moiré’s body floats back to our origin in flowing poses.


Fluid Ecstasy describes a trance-like, natural bliss less in the flow of merging. The video work presents a metaphysically ambivalent ambience that documents our prenatal state of becoming in the form of a visual metaphor. In an analogous notion of being, “being” is understood as that in which everything partakes, though in various ways. The origin of all life lies in water. Peter Palm creates in conjunction with Moiré’s aesthetic presence a peaceful world, comparable to our “being” in the womb prior to our birth.

Fluid Ecstasy Milo Moire


The video work was created during numerous dives on various coasts of Mauritius. Both Milo Moiré and Peter Palm have done without technical aids, with one exception … flippers, which make reference to the metamorphosis from fish to Homo sapiens.