The enfant terrible of performance art presents it’s latest work “Dildomobile”. It is an erotic, interactive installation in public by Milo Moiré and art partner Peter Palm.
With “Dildomobile”, Milo Moiré is transforming a normal bicycle, or rather an everyday bicycle tour, into sexually charged art. Her new performance pays homage to female sexuality and cycling. Without further ado, she converted her bike into a dildo vehicle.
For almost an hour, she drives naked with her self-made ladies seat, also known as a dildo, through the busy promenades of Düsseldorf.

The full video (30 Minuten) is available on with full access only.

The documentary art video seem surreal. A red, fir-shaped phallus that rises above idyllic landscapes, amidst couples in love and walkers between Milo Moiré’s thighs. She manages to stimulate herself with it not without effort. “A woman can have an orgasm anytime, anywhere!”,  Moiré says.
One might say, the Pope has his Papamobile and Milo is experiencing demonic delights with her Dildomobile. In her opinion, every woman has the right to live a free sexuality. Milo Moiré embodies this as an artist absolutely taboo-free and in her own humorous way.

“Most have” only “seen a naked woman on a bike. Who expects a dildo seat? ”Says the artist. Some were taken aback, many smiled. Milo laughs: “That must have been due to the summer feelings. I think such an orgasmic bike tour is a female sex fantasy that I share with many women out there. ”

Milo Moiré believes it is her duty to put sexuality and especially female sexuality into the art world. Sex can and must exist as artworks. Today’s art is asexual. It’s about time to focus on our natural instinct again in an experimental way too.

© Milo Moiré / Peter Palm