“Pertaining to the sun” – The self-confident female nude

The nude calendar Solaris 2017 with Milo Moiré, photographed by Peter Palm, is now available at​ www.amazon.de. The calendar will be shipped internationally. Limited edition of 1.000 pieces, all signed by Milo Moiré. Price 29.90€ plus shipping costs.


Solaris 2017 01 02 03 Milo Moire


This time the calendar by star photographer Peter Palm and his muse, the artist Milo Moiré, stands entirely under the star “Solaris”, which means in Latin “pertaining to the sun”. Solaris is the vertical view of the sunny Kingdom of female self-assurance. In this narrow limitation of the high-angle image ratio, the flow dynamics of the top and the bottom pushes out significantly. A woman whose sun-like unapproachability with appeal attracts the senses.

Their unveiled grace is a reliable nuclear core fusion reactor for human desire. It’s a canonized elevation of submission in the face of this self-conscious form of femininity. Just the sun illuminates the whole, almost infinite universe, the female nude shines forth the earthly, the indispensable celestial bodies in the sensuous cosmos of art.

Nude Calendar Solaris 2017
Available at: amazon.de
Product: wall calendar with Milo Moiré, photographed by Peter Palm, signed by Milo Moiré
Content: cover, 12 monthly sheets, backboard, solid spiral binding in white with hanger
Price: 29,90 Euro 
Format: 29 x 46 cm/ 11×18 inches
Edition: 1.000 copies
Print: high quality, colour and black and white
Paper quality: 200g/m2 MultiartSilk
Packaging: neutral, tailor-made, film and cardboard
Special: subtle calendar