Finally the artist couple Milo Moiré and Peter Palm present their brand new calendar HOTEL MOIRÉ 2018. Available now at ! 
Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. Each copy is personally signed by Milo Moiré!
Price 29.90 € (plus shipping). International shipping.
Welcome to the HOTEL MOIRÉ! Are you ready to start 2018 with an erotic journey of discovery? Rooms of passion await you with unlimited possibilities. Twelve motifs that makes check in every hotel guest for a whole year.

“HOTEL MOIRÉ” is an artistic nude calendar with Milo Moiré photographed by star photographer Peter Palm. Intimate shots in Moiré’s hotel rooms invite you to dream up close with the seductive muse. The viewer is in the midst of the scope of provocative-erotic femininity. Photographer Peter Palm captivatingly creates aesthetic images and makes the lust of the woman close enough to touch.

The calendar is inspired by the thirst for adventure in a strange city where nobody knows you. Non-binding and anonymous while stylish to the last detail, calendar HOTEL MOIRÉ invites you to a sensual exploration behind closed doors. Outside, on every door handle, a sign reads: “Enter at your own risk!”

The artist Milo Moiré came up with the idea of ​​”HOTEL MOIRÉ” on her travels: “Through my work I come to many unknown places. Every time in the hotel room this fantasy awakens in me. I’m someone else for one night. I transform into the mysterious stranger. She is driven by curiosity and her desire to experience the limits of pleasure. She seduces and let herself be seduced without restraint. Through her sexual longings, she reinvents herself with each visit. She experiments freely with telephone sex, dildo and role play, shackles, whips, in front of the live camera or as a burlesque dancer, ” Moiré says.

Format: 48 cm x 34 cm
High-quality print in 4 colors, spiral binding and decent calendar.
Custom-made neutral packaging and foils welded.
International Shipping. Now available at!

Photos: ©Peter Palm