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MILO MOIRÉ | Conceptual Artist

A media controversy surrounding the use of the female body in art has arisen as a result of the radical performances by Swiss artist and graduate psychologist Milo Moiré. The videos of „The Script System“ (2013) and „The PlopEgg Painting“ (2014) have been viewed millions of times worldwide. 

Milo Moiré’s conceptual art has prompted a vivid „Moiré effect“: She has caused closely knit cultural patterns to collide in order to achieve a new structure – impalpable, pulsating and free-floating.

„I make art that takes place in the midst of life, because what is important to me is life itself, the unpredictable, the reflection upon established normative notions, the freedom to reveal one’s opinion within a crowd, the intimate moment of the physical and bodily encounter and —finally — the transformation brought about by an art freed of morals.“

Milo Moiré describes her work as art led by intuition:

Art is transformation. It gives a fundamental inner meaning to THE area of freedom. The moment in which man finds himself in this unconscious language of perceived images, he experiences an art transformation. What happiness! What makes art so special is that it is born from the physical sensation of a universal understanding and, in turn, feeds it.

The secret and universal language of SYMBOLS, the lived-radical EMBODIMENT and aspects of SOCIALISATION are the central perspectives of the creative work of artist Milo Moiré. Thus, from the dialogue and interplay of art and science as source of inspiration emerge transformal paintings and emphatic performances. Moiré’s art is silent, powerful art.



„I accomplish the dialog of art and science through embodiment.“

„The pictures originate only from the physical feeling in my head and only by my own body I can make this feeling to the others comprehensible.“

Milo Moire uses her own body deliberately consequently to express herself artistically. The corporeity becomes the need for her artistic expression to make the happened – also for the spectator – experienceable.

„We need embodiment so that we can understand things in our world not bound to language. The source of art springs from a physical sensation. I have a female body, and my art is manifested through it. But to understand the inner meaning of art, you don’t need gender – only humanity.

She makes use of naked skin as ambivalent sign of bareness, of the contempt for exposure rooted in culture, collective vulnerability and as a symbol of the universal longing for closeness.

„Without a shell, the body develops its maximum ability to communicate, its primitive nature. The body is universal and free from distraction, not bound to dominating ideals, fashions or even time. The sight of nudity provokes a meeting with oneself and affects someone within themselves, or it repels and the thought changes into outraged resistance. I see the naked human body neutrally – as a canvas and the possibility to get closer to oneself. The opportunity to make yourself vulnerable and feel strength.“

„The inward importance of my own nudity is of far greater force than the importance of the visible nudity in itself.“


„To create art, I even use THE original source of the femininity – my vagina“.

Milo Moiré’s art is comparable to a confusing dream, where archetypes and the Zeitgeist meet. The artist extracts familiar symbols from their usual surroundings and then de/re-forms and contrasts them.

The resurrection of a snow witch in a masked battle of expressions between hot and cold on a white night, a woman dressed in words, neurons that sprout out of a head like roots from a tree, human robots run by a script, the dialogue with a wall, the intimate public, a picture born from a vagina, an egg as the beginning of everything…

„I feel that my vagina is a body part just like any other. It is much more than a birth canal or an organ for sexual pleasure. For me, the vagina is a metaphysical representation of a model that comprises a large part of my self. The egg and the vagina correlate to a unique symbolism in my performance „The PlopEgg-Painting“. How else could I have delivered the Art Birth, than with an egg and my vagina?“



„Try watching pornography and recognising the artistic in it, or to uncover something perverse in normality!“

With expressive, albeit effortless, coincidental seeming conceptual art, not bound to any materials except the own body, Milo Moire questions the thought diktat of everyday life. She transforms behaviour accepted as self-evident into an artistic language of images and lends the deliberately invisible spirit of taboo a recognisable face. „In my art i try to create mental doors“, the artist says. And there is always at least one door left to pass through a mirror.

„Humanity has grown comfortable and loves consumption. From a short-term viewpoint, it seems at least as though it is more advisable to maintain the familiar perspectives rather than putting yourself in the shoes of something unusual. What happens if you grant the „both/and principle“ entrance to the house of morality?“