MIRROR BOX Performance (Dusseldorf, London, Amsterdam) 2016

Buy now the uncensored Video     What happens when a woman puts her sexuality on public display, assertively takes the initiative and lays out clear rules for the intimate interaction? Performance artist Milo Moiré [...]

Calendar Solaris 2017

"Pertaining to the sun" - The self-confident female nude The nude calendar Solaris 2017 with Milo Moiré, photographed by Peter Palm, is now available at​ www.amazon.de. The calendar will be shipped internationally. Limited edition of 1.000 pieces, [...]

The Heart Of Art

A Key Message Of Inspiration What is the heart of art? Investment, prestige object, sensual effusion, harmless pleasure, strategic store of knowledge of the playful type, kit of identity or emotional mouthpiece? Perhaps this anteroom of [...]

TEDx Klagenfurt Talk DISRUPTyou

"My art is a nude confrontation" At TEDX Klagenfurt talk Disruptyou the Swiss born ARTivist confronts all those who engage with her art in order to bring the discussion about freedom in the forefront. In her [...]

Toilet Inspirations

Emerging a new perspective is a private moment.